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  • pH 700 Benchtop Meter

    Compact footprint is over 40% smaller than other benchtop meters Large display permits easier readout viewing Datalogging allows you to store and recall up to 100 data sets The easy-to-use, microprocessor-based pH 700 benchtop meter measures pH, mV, relative mV, and…
  • Star A111 pH Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    Thermo Scientific Orion Star A111 pH Benchtop Meters combine simplicity with accuracy. A large LCD displays pH or mV readings along with temperature. Icons provide quick updates on battery life, electrode status and calibration information. Simple button layout and onscreen messages help with…
  • Star A211 pH Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    Anyone can use this meter with its plain language screen prompts, soft keys that update for easy selection and a multilanguage interface that supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese Don't miss a reading - AUTO-READ* locks in the stable reading on your screen, ready indicator…
  • SevenExcellence™ Meters

    Mettler Toledo
    Thomas No. 1207Q53 SevenExcellence™ pH/mV Professional and Flexible SevenExcellence™ pH/mV meter redefines flexibility and also offers various measurement parameters in one meter. It not only measures pH and ORP with classical sensors, but also supports pH measurement with ISFET…
  • Multi-Probe Systems

    Versatile, multi-parameter hand-held instrument Measures DO, conductivity, temperature, salinity, pH and ORP in one meter Compatible with EcoWatch™ for Windows™ data analysis software Easy-to-use screw-on cap DO membranes Stores over 49,000 data sets, time and date stamped Available with…
  • SevenCompact™ pH/Ion Meter S220

    Mettler Toledo
    The SevenCompact™ S220 pH/Ion meter is not just an ordinary pH meter, it can also measure ORP and ion-concentration in various units. Switching modes before, during or after measurement is easy requiring just a single keypress. Pressing a single button – READ or CAL – starts a…
  • pH/CON 700 Benchtop Meter

    Easily toggle between pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, and temperature measurements at the touch of a button Space-saving design takes up less room on the bench than other meters Large display lets you see your measurements from across the lab Conductivity and TDS autoranging chooses the best…
  • Star A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    The Thermo Scientific Orion Star A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter is the ideal choice for any lab. Get the information you need quickly and easily from the large, backlit graphic LCD display. Informative display shows pH/mV/RmV/ISE results and temperature along with electrode status, time, date, sample…
  • Portable pH Meter with Temperature

    Sper Scientific
    Advanced pH Meter Reads either pH (in 0.01 resolution) or mV in large digits, with time, date, and temperature (in ºC or ºF) shown simultaneously on the lower display. Also indicates stable reading, low battery and displays calibration data. Scroll 99 data points with time stamps and min/max…
  • Orion DUAL STAR pH / ISE Meters

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    Combines the best of the Orion 720A+ and 920A+ meters with the advantages of the Orion Star Plus meters. The Thermo Scientific Orion DUAL STAR meter shows the results of both input channels simultaneously. Screen prompts guide you through measurement and setup menus. GLP-compliant benefits…
  • SevenCompact™ Conductivity Meter S230

    Mettler Toledo
    The SevenCompact™ S230 conductivity meter is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Not only does it measure conductivity but also various other parameters such as salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids and conductivity ash. The instruments are ideally suitable for…
  • Benchtop Basic PB Meters

    Automatic buffer recognition during calibration Automatic temperature compensation Display with stability icon next to the result Simultaneous display of measured value and temperature Automatic electrode check and electrode slope display during calibration Easy operation with…
  • SensION 1 Basic Portable Meter

    Basic, inexpensive meter produces reliable results Waterproof (IP67) Measures/compensates temperature in °C or °F European CE Mark Anti-glare coating Powered by long-lasting batteries (est 500 hours), meter is quick and easy to calibrate, responds quickly to the electrode signal and…
  • pH/ORP/ISE/EC/TDS/NaCl Benchtop Meter

    Up to seven measurement parameters Two input channels: pH/ORP/ISE and EC/TDS/Resistivity/NaCl Up to five point pH calibration with seven standard and two custom buffers EC/TDS autoranging, manual? ranging and range lock HOLD button to freeze readings on the display Automatic…
  • VERSA STAR pH/LogR Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    This versatile meter has a large, color graphic LCD display. The informative display shows readings, connections, time, date, sample ID, user ID and calibration information. Select from five modules to customize the four channels as you need it – it's versatile for you…
  • Multi 340i Set

    The Multi 340i Set features the handheld Multi 340i meter, which measures pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Set includes two stands, SenTix® 41, DIN plug, CellOx® 325 oxygen sensor, TetraCon® 325 conductivity cell, Technical buffers 4/7, 3M KCl, cleaning solution, 3 exchange membrane…
  • Ectestr 11 Plus

    Use these testers for either cup-style or dip-style measurements. For cup style, pour a small amount of your sample directly into the sensor cup until it overflows; for dip style, simply immerse tester tip into sample. Replaceable sensor lets you reuse meter body many times over. Valox® housing…
  • Waterproof Multi-Parameter Testers

    PCSTestr™ 35, PCTestr™ 35 and PTTestr™ 35 Mutiple measurements in one instrument Displays measured value along with temperature — simply press a key to toggle between pH, conductivity, TDS, and salinity where applicable Waterproof, dustproof housings float Push-button calibration,…
  • Bench-Top pH/mV Meter

    Sper Scientific
    Rugged housing with large LCD displaying the parameter being measured together with time, date and temperature (in ºC or ºF). Automatic or manual temperature compensation Automatic or manual ranging Automatic buffer recognition Digital and analog outputs Min/Max and 99 data points…
  • FiveEasy Benchtop pH Meters

    Mettler Toledo
    Suitable for a wide variety of applications Automatic or manual termination of a measurement or calibration Automatic calibration with predefined conductivity standards Automatic or manual temperature compensation Automatic buffer recognition during pH calibration Large, well…
  • Microprocessor-based pH/mV/°C Bench Meters

    The HI 2210 and HI 2211 are microprocessor-based pH and temperature bench meters. HI 2211 can also be used for ion concentration (ISE) and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in the mV range. pH measurements are compensated for temperature effect manually or automatically with the temperature…
  • CON 2700 Benchtop Meter

    Measure conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, resistivity, and temperature Brilliant backlit display with dynamic stability indication Up to 500 point memory with date-time stamp for GLP Output data to printer or PC Accepts either 2-cell or 4-cell electrodes Features auto…
  • SevenGo Portable pH Meter

    Mettler Toledo
    Features high functional range IP67 water and dust proof 4 pre-assigned and 1 free definable buffer group Large display for easy reading The SevenGo portable pH meter is available as a stand alone unit or in a variety of kits. The unit is designed for mobile pH measurement. The SevenGo…
  • Portable Waterproof pH And pH/ORP Meter

    Provides laboratory results and accuracy under severe environmental and industrial conditions Digital display of pH 0-14 and temperature 0-100°C Completely waterproof and dust proof; ideal for humid conditions Easy to calibrate with user-selectable 1- to 2-point calibration…

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