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  • DO 110 Meter / Probe

    The OAKTON DO 110 meter ensures high accuracy with independent 100% and zero adjustment calibrations, and offset adjustment capabilities. It stores and recalls 100 dissolved oxygen readings with corresponding temperature- great for field readings. This meter even displays electrode diagnostics to…
  • SevenGo Portable Pro Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    Mettler Toledo
    Comprehensive GLP functions Stores 200 data sets 100% and 0% calibration Seven Go pro DO model dissolved oxygen meter is designed for mobile conductivity measurement and is available in a range of kits. ?Features include compensation of air pressure manually or via the integrated…
  • Model 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    Reads in mg/L or % oxygen Push-button calibration Built-in calibration chamber Salinity and altitude compensation Probe sinks easily with stainless steel body Meter has a large backlit LCD which displays oxygen and temperature. All readings are automatically temperature compensated and can be…
  • DO 700 Benchtop Meter

    Compact size is ideal for laboratory dissolved oxygen measurement applications Large brightly-lit LCD shows allows for easy viewing of measured values Low-maintenance galvanic probe requires no warm-up time Built-in memory stores up to 100 data points DO 700 meter…
  • Waterproof ExStik® II Dissolved Oxygen Meter/Kit

    Oxygen level displayed as % Saturation or Concentration (mg/L [ppm]) Adjustable Altitude Compensation (0-20,000ft in 1,000ft increments) Adjustable Salinity Compensation from 0 to 50ppt Analog bargraph indicates trrends Memory stores up to 25 data sets with DO and Temperature reading…
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter/Datalogger

    Measures dissolved oxygen from 0 to 20.0mg/L and 0 to 100.0% oxygen plus temperature from 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C) Automatic Temperature Compensation from 0 to 50°C via temperature probe sensor built into polarographic type oxygen probe Offset adjustment used for zero function to make…
  • DurOx 325 Oxygen Sensor

    Temperature compensation Low approach flow The DurOx 325 is a membrane covered galvanic oxygen sensor. Features include temperature compensation, low approach flow and a long working life of up to six months with one electrolyte filling. Sensor includes OxiCal-D calibration vessel,…
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO2) Probes

    Jenway (Bibby Scientific US)
    The dissolved oxygen probes have been redesigned so that they are all the same diameter. As a result of this redesign the new probes have a narrower diameter than the old probes. The new probes are easily identified with a B after the probe part number on the probe or meter packaging. To…


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