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Thomas Autofil

  • Autofil™ Bottle-Top Filtration System

    Thomas Scientific’s Autofil Bottle-Top Filtration Systems are disposable, sterile, vacuum operated systems for the sterile preparation of buffers, tissue culture media, microbiological media, and other biological fluids. Systems are available with asymmetric 0.22 ?m (sterilization grade) and 0.45…
  • No. 40 Quantitative Ashless Paper

    GE Healthcare
    Most widely used general purpose gravimetric filter paper; acid washed, ash content 0.007% Medium speed and retention (8 µm); rough surface Used for calcium oxalate, silica in steel and well-digested barium sulfate; as a high-purity filter in the collection of trace elements and radionuclides in…
  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade No. 1

    GE Healthcare
    Most widely used general purpose laboratory filter paper Medium retention, 11 µm, medium - fast flow rate, smooth surface Clarifies liquids in routine laboratory applications and for air pollution monitoring. Used in air monitors to collect atmospheric dust for assessment of stain intensity.…
  • 934-AH™ Borosilicate Glass Microfiber Filters

    GE Healthcare
    1.5 ?m Retention Efficient retention of small size particles to 1.5 ?m Extremely high flow rate; filtration takes place both vertically and laterally through the filters High loading capacity, which continues to filter efficiently for a greater extended period Highly…
  • No. 42 Quantitative Ashless Paper

    GE Healthcare
    Suitable for precipitates that are ordinarily difficult to filter (2.5 µm particle retention) Acid wash, ash content 0.007% Highly retentive for very fine analytical precipitates, such as barium sulfate or metastannic acid Recommended for use with vacuum
  • No. 41 Quantitative Ashless Paper

    GE Healthcare
    Fast filtration of coarse or gelatinous precipitates (20-25 µm particle retention) Acid washed, ash content 0.007% Especially suitable for iron or aluminum hydroxides; rough surface Widely used in determining silicon in iron and steel analysis Used for quantitative air pollution analysis when…
  • Syringe Type Membrane Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene
    Membrane filters enclosed in plastic housing with female Luer-Lok fitting on inlet for attachment to standard Luer-Lok-tip syringes. Male Luer-slip tip on outlet accepts standard needles. Usable for pressure or vacuum applications. Effective filtration area is 3.8 cm 2 . Offered in a choice of…
  • PES Filter Units

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene
    Nalgene filters have the Rapid-Flow multi-column membrane-support system. This proprietary system provides a uniform, consistent separation between touchpoints with the membrane, minimizing gap stress to maintain optimal flow. 0.1 micron filters guard against mycoplasma contamination 0.2…
  • 25 mm GD/X Syringe Filters

    GE Healthcare
    Designed to facilitate manual filtration of viscous samples greater than 10 mL Wide range of membrane materials Polypropylene housing Model 4620K17 uses GMF-150 as its filter media. GMF-150 is a combination of two glass microfiber filters in one. Made from 100% borosilicate glass, its…
  • Vacuum Filtration/Storage Systems

    For vacuum filtration of tissue culture or other aqueous solutions Sterile, individually packaged Color-coded by membrane type Certified non-pyrogenic Prefilters included Two-piece, polystyrene, graduated funnel and receiver unit are sterilized by gamma irradiation. Caps…
  • Cell Strainers

    Corning Cell Strainers are an easy and ready-to-use solution for obtaining a more uniform single cell suspension Nylon mesh provides a strong, uniform filtration device Strainers reduce chance of contamination Cell strainers fit inside a Falcon®™ 50 mL centrifuge tube. Each…
  • Target HPLC Syringe Filters

    National Scientific
    Non-sterile, sample prep membrane filters 7 membrane types Female Luer-Lock inlet, male Luer-slip outlet Solvent resistant polypropylene housings PES, GMF, Polypropylene and Cellulose Acetate membranes are certified for Ion Chromatography The polypropylene housings with all Target syringe…
  • Filter Holder Manifolds

    EMD Millipore
    Vacuum manifolds support simultaneous filtration of three or six test samples. Use Millipore glass, plastic or stainless steel filter holders fitted with standard No. 8 perforated stoppers over holder outlets. Manifolds connect to single vacuum source and use separate control valves at…
  • Magnetic Filter Funnel, 300 mL

    Clear polysulfone funnel with imprinted graduations. Magnetic coupling of funnel to stem for fast filter changes. Used with 47 mm membrane filters for coliform testing and prefiltration of many fluids. Fits standard manifold systems with #8 rubber stopper connections. Capacity 300 mL (10 oz).…
  • Micron-Sep Membrane Filters

    Maine Manufacturing
    MicronSep White Packs Available pre-sterilized or autoclavable with gridded surface. Autoclavable filters come in envelopes of 10 filters and 10 absorbent cellulosic pads. The envelopes are designed to withstand normal autoclaving environments and feature an indicator that changes color after…
  • Vacuum Filter Assemblies

    Process larger volumes of liquids for analysis of particulate or biological contamination Wheaton-33® low extractable borosilicate glass Unit includes a coarse porosity fritted glass filter support base, an aluminum clamp and a 300 mL glass funnel Screen is removable in…
  • Filter Systems

    Celltreat Scientific
    CELLTREAT Vacuum Filter Systems are ideal for large volume sample separation and purification. The filter systems are manufactured in a Class 100,000 clean room, from USP class VI virgin polystyrene. The filter membrane is Polyethersulfone (PES) material in 0.22µm or 0.45µm pore sizes for rapid…
  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade No. 4

    GE Healthcare
    Fast filtering with excellent retention of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates Compliments No. 1 for air pollution monitoring when high flow rates are important Low retentivity, 20-25 µm Used as a rapid filter for clean-up of biological fluids or organic extracts during analysis.
  • Glass Microfiber Binder Free

    GE Healthcare
    Combines fine particle retention with good flow rate. The standard filter in many parts of the world for the collection of suspended solids in potable water and natural and industrial wastes. Fast and efficient clarification of aqueous liquids containing low to medium levels of fine…
  • CN Filter Units

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene
    Nalgene filters have the Rapid-Flow multi-column membrane-support system. This proprietary system provides a uniform, consistent separation between touchpoints with the membrane, minimizing gap stress to maintain optimal flow. 0.1 micron filters guard against mycoplasma contamination 0.2…
  • Plastic Syringe Filters

    FREE SAMPLES! Download the form in the Additional Info tab to request yours. Corning® syringe filters are 100% integrity tested and are certified non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 standards. ?A variety of membranes are available to meet your…
  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade No. 2

    GE Healthcare
    Standard grade for analytical purposes, especially suited for qualitative analysis of the alkaline earths Slightly thicker, more retentive (8 µm particle retention) and more absorbent than No. 1 Medium flow rate
  • Membrane Filters, Type WCN

    GE Healthcare
    Produced from high-purity nitrocellulose Resistant to mild acids, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, aniline, isopropyl and petroleum ethers, oils, gasoline and kerosene Attacked by strong acids, bases, ethyl amines, ketones and esters Smooth-surfaced and flexible 0.2 µm pore size filters are 130…
  • Syringe Filters

    Celltreat Scientific
    SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any case of CELLTREAT Syringe Filters and receive a $10 iTunes gift card free. Limited time only, through April 25, 2014 or while supplies last! Download the Redemption Form in the Additional Info tab. CELLTREAT Scientific Products offers?an extensive?line of…

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