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  • Ez-Vision Three™ DNA Dye Loading Buffer

    Grade: Biotechnology EZ-VISION™ DNA dyes provide a safe, non-toxic and non-mutagenic alternative to Ethidium Bromide for instantaneous band visualization. EZ-VISION™ is supplied as a 6X loading buffer. Simply mix with DNA sample, run on gel and immediately visualize bands on an UV…
  • dNTP MIXTURE, 25 mM Solution

    Building Blocks for the Amplification of DNA Deoxyribonucleotides are the foundation of DNA and it takes thousands of these nucleotides to make up a DNA molecule. DNA consists of a sugar molecule (deoxyribose), a nitrogenous base (purine in adenine and guanine, pyrimidine in thymine or…
  • Tris Acetate EDTA (TAE),10x

    Corning cellgro
    Tris-Acetate-EDTA (TAE) buffer is used in DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, both in the agarose gel itself and the running buffer.? Linear, double-stranded DNA separates faster in a TAE buffer-based system compared to Tris-Borate-EDTAA (TBE) buffer, but the latter has a higher buffering capacity and…
  • HydraGreen™ Safe DNA Dye

    ACTGene, Inc.
  • DNA Markers

    ACTGene, Inc.
    ACT-IDMWD1 (Thomas # C995K06) ACTGene™ DNA Marker 1 kb Ladder, 13 Fragments Size: 500 ul (sufficient for ~100 loads) Thirteen fragments DNA marker covering wide range of 250-10,000 bp sizes. Conveniently delivered in ready-to-use format and ideal for agarose gel…
  • Alkaline phosphatase Buffer (30X)

    3OX buffer solution Contents: Tris, Brij-35, and NP-40 pH 7.6 Stability > 6 months at 4° C 50 mL, sufficient to make 1.5L working buffer for Western blots and Direct enzyme assays
  • DirectLoad™ Precast Gel

    ACTGene, Inc.
    DirectLoad™ precast gel is a revolutionary high-performance polyacrylamide gel uniting unparalleled features and benefits in one product as result of Innovations of Electrophoresis Proprietary Technology. DirectLoad™: Only precast gel in market allows for hassle-free crude sample direct load…
  • MW Marker PCR Marker

    Grade: Biotechnology The PCR DNA Marker™ has 8 fragments ranging from 50 - 2000 bp. High resolution marker optimal for size estimation of PCR fragments. There is sufficient material for 50 assays.
  • TAE Buffers

    Thomas No. C995V18-V19 Tris-Acetate-EDTA Technical Information: A common buffer for electrophoresis Each Ready-Pack prepares 1 L of 10X concentrate 1 pack per case pH 8.3 +/- 0.1 Thomas No. C995V20-V21 Tris-Acetate-EDTA (TAE) Buffer Technical Information:…
  • Visual Violet™ Gel Kit

    Synonym(s): crystal violet A chromogenic in-gel stain for visualizing DNA fragments in agarose gels. DNA damage by UV irradiation during band detection is substantially reduced and cloning efficiency is increased by a factor of 4-5.
  • Carlson Lysis Buffer for CTAB DNA Extraction

    DNA purification buffer using CTAB. Suitable for extraction of fungal DNA. Contains: 100mM Tric-Cl, pH 9.5 2% CTAB 1.4M NaCl 1% PEG 6000 or 8000 20mM EDTA RNAse and DNAse free Reference: Carlson JE, Tulsieram LK, Glaubitz JC, Luk VMK, Kauffeldt C, and Rutledge R (1991)…
  • Casein blocking buffer w/ Fish gelatin for ELISA [10X]

    Fish Gelatin Blocking Buffer is a non-mammalian blocking solution that does not cross-react with mammalian antibodies and is suitable for ELISA assays. Blocking buffer is supplied in a 10X concentration of physiological saline buffer. Technical Information: Includes 3 X 30 mL, 10X…
  • TBE urea Buffers

    Thomas No. C995V37-V38 TBE Urea Running Buffer, 10X Running buffer for protein analysis. Technical Information: 10X concentration Tris base (0.89M) Boric Acid (0.89M) EDTA(20mM) Thomas No. C995V39-V40 TBE Urea Sample Buffer (2X) Sample buffer for nucleic…
  • TG-SDS Buffers

    TD-SDS Buffer is blended using bioPLUS reagents to provide the highest quality buffer for protein research. Ideal for protein separations, this buffer is formulated to ensure exceptional purity in the absence of nuclease and protease activities. TG-SDS Buffer is a widely used running buffer for…
  • IEF (Isoelectrofocusing) Buffers

    Thomas No. C995V08-V09 bioWORLD running buffers are prepared using high quality reagents so you can be asured of accurate test results Technical Information: Dilute with deionized water to make 1X 1X Concentration Contains: 7 mM Phosphoric Acid pH: 2.4 Thomas No. C995V10-V11…
  • Gene Page Plus 6%

    Grade: Biotechnology

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